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Saturday 14th January 2017..... Hooch - SOLD...... Fern - SOLD....... Flo - Deposit taken.... Ellie May - SOLD.... Melford - Deposit taken.... Bess - SOLD...... Ramsdell - Deposit taken...... Silver Swan - SOLD..... Blue Moon - SOLD.... Ellen - Deposit taken....... Katy - SOLD..... Matilda - SOLD.... Foxtrot - SOLD...... Cyan - SOLD..... Sally - SOLD..... Jango - Deposit taken...... Polarlys - Deposit taken....... Boats wanted for brokerage Nationwide or we can buy your boat for cash....... you can part exchange your boat - Car - Van - Caravan - Motorhome - Campervan - Motorbike against any of the boats that we have for sale........

01889 881 960

Great Haywood Boat Sales Ltd


Great Haywood Boat Sales have many boats for sale. We are here to help you with all your narrow boating questions and requirements regardless if you are buying or selling a Boat.

We operate from several Marinas. We also sell boats from their own moorings all over the Country. You can view any of the boats we have for sale 7 days a week by calling us before setting out. We ask you to call us before setting out on 01889 881960 to find out if the vessels are still available and of there locations. We can discuss your requirements by phone or make an appointment for you to talk to one of our team to discuss your requirements and to arrange for you to view any vessels that may fit your criteria,budget,etc. We will also ascertain exactly what boat you are looking for, style, length, berths etc, because we may have other suitable boats due in on brokerage that you would not be aware of.

We offer a quality service and we believe in quality and not quantity. We sell most of our sellers boats on the first or second viewings because we match make buyers based on thier criteria and budget. This is done by us spending quality time with potential buyers and not by handing out keys and playing the numbers game . Many sellers and buyers choose us as a broker based on this quality of service.

If the boat/boats you want to view are off site then we will book an appointment with you to meet one of our team who will show you the boat and answer any questions you may have. We accompany all viewings so we can answer any questions that you may have.

Instead of you trudging around the country inspecting and browsing around boats that dont suit your criteria or fit your budget and to save you wasting hours, days, weeks of your time and money, simply call us about any boat on our website and we will be able to talk through the detail with you, including layout, facilities, features, and so on. If  you are not sure what you are looking for then call us and we will work with you to put together a list of your requirements and criteria. We will then arrange for you to view boats that fit your criteria. 

We are not just a broker we offer a  consultancy service to help you buy your dream boat which will save you hours of your time and money.

We will also take a part exchange against any boat we have for sale. You can part exchange a boat, car, caravan, motorhome, motorbike, van, or your house. 

We sell many boats that have not even been loaded on our web site to the lists of genuine buyers that we have waiting to buy a boat. Great Haywood Boat Sales is owned and run by Narrow boat owners who have been on the canal network for many years and combined have over 70 years experience.

We can sell your boat from its home mooring anywhere in the Country......... You can also bring your boat to one of the several Marinas that we operate from to sell it........ Free moorings while your boat is for sale on our brokerage moorings (Subject to T&Cs and availabilty) We want your boat.......... We can also buy your boat for cash...........